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rephoto = "repeat photography" and/or "revisit photography"

How to create a new rephoto site and upload your rephotos?

  • (Suppose you already have an account of PEN server.)
  • Decide the long name of your rephoto site:
    • country_city_place_direction
    • Example: 日本_つくば_東大通り吾妻歩道橋_NW
  • Decide the short name of your rephoto site:
    • Use English. Remove vowels (a, i, o, u, e, ...).
    • Example: Jpn_Tskb_HgAzB_NW
  • Make a directory with a name of the short name.
  • Put your rephoto images into that directory.
  • Try best to include as much information as you can to exif tags, in particular,
    • year, date, time, and time zone of photography.
    • location (GPS latitude and longitude)
    • copyright
  • You can edit exif tags like this:
$ exiftool *.jpg -Comment="taken by Kenlo Nasahara"
  • Use scp or rsync to upload the directory to pen:/home/rephoto/public_html/
  • Create a thumbnail page:
$ -t "(site short name)"
Last modified:2022/03/23 21:12:51