Errata of my papers

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Nishida et al. (2003), Journal of Geophysical Research, 108(D9), 4270

Page ACL5-3, equation (1):

Wrong: ET=ET/Q
Right: EF=ET/Q

Page ACL5-3, equation (4):

Wrong: ETPM=
Right: PETPM=

Page ACL5-3, equation (5):

Wrong: ETPT=[alpha / (delta + gamma)] Q
Right: PETPT=[alpha delta / (delta + gamma)] Q

Page ACL5-4, 2 lines below equation(11):

Wrong: bare soil (fveg=1)
Right: bare soil (fveg=0)

Page ACL5-5, left column, 3lines above bottom2

Wrong: (f2, f4, and f5) from equation (17)
Right: (f3, f4, and f5) from equation (18)

Page ACL5-6, figure 2:

Add captions in the following manner:
"Forest" on the top graph
"Grassland" on the middle graph
"Crop" on the bottom graph

Page ACL5-13, equation (A1), second term:

denominator must be "alpha delta Q" instead of Q_soil0.

Page ACL5-13, equation (A5):

place "delta" after "alpha" in the denominator.

Nishida et al. (2003), IEEE Trans. Geosci. Rem. Sens, 42(2), 493-501

Page 494, equation (6):

Wrong: LEPT =
Right: LEPM =

Page 494, equation (8):

Wrong: (1+rc)/2ra
Right: (1+rc/2ra)

Page 496:

Wrong: Qsoil0 is available energy on dry bare soil
Right: Qsoil0 is available energy when Ta=Tsoil

Page 500, reference [4]:

Nishida, K., Nemani, R. R., Running, S. W., Glassy, J. M. (2003): An operational remote sensing algorithm of land surface evaporation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 108(D9), 4270, doi:10.1029/2002JD002062.