Data policy

... Request to the PEN data users
PEN respects an "open" policy which maximizes distribution of the data. However, because PEN data are provided by many groups and people, and each of them has own policies and duties, it is not easy to establish a simple and single "data policy" which applies to all the PEN data. Therefore, we request the users to respect the data suppliers' opinion. For example, regardless of the data policy, it would be a good idea to contact PI of each PEN site about how you use (or used) their data. By involving the suppliers of the original data, your science would be more robust.

When you publish a paper or make a presentation by using PEN data, please cite the existing papers about PEN, PEN data, and each PEN site's activity by checking the publication list.

Please share the plan or record of your publication or presentation using PEN data with us. We will keep updating the publication list. It will helps us to obtain supports from the fund donners and/or the research communities.

For reference of the PEN sites and PEN activities, you can refer to the following review papers:

Nasahara KN, Nagai S (2015) Development of an in-situ observation network for terrestrial ecological remote sensing — the Phenological Eyes Network (PEN). Ecological Research, DOI 10.1007/s11284-014-1239-x (open access)

土田聡, 西田顕郎, 岩男弘毅, 川戸渉, 小熊宏之, 岩崎晃 (2005): Phenological Eyes Network -- 衛星による地球環境観測のための地上検証ネットワーク --. 日本リモートセンシング学会誌, 25(3), 282-288, 2005. (in Japanese) (open access)

The data of ADFC upto the publication of the following paper (2018-06-26) have been free open (CC license). You can use them by referring and citing the following "data paper":

Nagai S, Akitsu T, Saitoh TM, Busey RC, Fukuzawa K, Honda Y, Ichie T, Ide R, Ikawa H, Iwasaki A, Iwao K, Kajiwara K, Kang S-K, Kim Y-W, Khoon KL, Kononov AV, Kosugi Y, Maeda T, Mamiya W, Matsuoka M, Maximov TC, Menzel A, Miura T, Mizunuma T, Morozumi T, Motohka T, Muraoka H, Nagano H, Nakai T, Nakaji T, Oguma H, Ohta T, Ono K, Pungga RAS, Petrov RE, Sakai R, Schunk C, Sekikawa S, Shakhmatov R, Son Y-H, Sugimoto A, Suzuki R, Takagi K, Takanashi S, Tei S, Tsuchida S, Yamamoto H, Yamasaki E, Yamashita M, Yoon TK, Yoshida T, Yoshimura M, Yoshitake S, Wilkinson M, Wingate L, Nasahara KN (2018) 8 million phenological and sky images from 29 ecosystems from the Arctic to the tropics: the Phenological Eyes Network. Ecological Research,
For publication using ADFC images taken after this date, because they are not necessarily free or open, you should contact with the site PI for permission.

Other data including HSSR and SP have not been "free open" yet. It is mainly because the quality assurance (including calibration) has not been established for some data. If you plan to use HSSR data of some sites, please contact PI of each site. If you cannot find the contact person, please contact PEN group.

To contact PEN group, you can use: